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Pic courtesy of Peter / Stuart Anderson.

It's the Year 2000, the Royal Australian Mint is producing $1 coins for release into normal circulation. An error is made, somehow an Obverse die meant for minting a 10c coin is matched with the normal Mob of Roos Reverse .... it's the birth of a Mule! Commonly known as the 2000 One Dollar / Ten Cent Mule ...with a minute mintage ....and almost impossible to find in the "wild". A quote from Downies web site: "...the chances of finding this coin in change in ANY grade virtually nil...."

Top Class Investment Coin.
Pic: Peter - www.thesandpit.net

Dollarmule's Rare Decimal Coins that are rising rapidly in Value.

A timely warning for the amateur rare coin collector / investor. The link below leads to a story that is based on the U.S market, but we have seen FAKES in Australia, how long will it be until the Mule is faked? The 1966 20c Wavy has already been copied - DECIMAL COINS ARE NOT IMMUNE FROM THE RIP OFF ARTISTS! There have been many pre-decimal copies seen online, as the Mule grows in value we will need to be vigilant!


No corporation, individual, group or company controls the rare coins market. There are hundreds of coins dealers in Australia and more collectors and investors everyday. The price of rare coins is ruled solely by the laws of supply and demand and remains virtually free of any government interference. It's a free market! Viva Coins!

2000 One Dollar / Ten Cent Mule.

The Key Coin of the Australian Decimal Series &
Australia's most spectacular Error coin.
 Already an Icon...with a mintage comparable to the 1930 Penny!
Mule-hunter's bounty, Collector's Masterpiece and  Investor's Dream.
You like the 1923 Halfpenny? Hold on to your hats and climb aboard the Mule!

Link to gallery of PCGS graded Mules here!

Your daily change could contain this coin! Conservative estimates say up to 6000 exist, a well respected Australian coin catalog estimated 400 unil 2010 when the figure became "UNKNOWN" with their new edition. DOLLARMULE.com.au is of the opinion it is somewhere in between 400 and 1500 with 3000 being the absolute MAX. Some prominent hunters claim to have hunted through hundreds of thousands of coins to arrive at these estimated mintages of the Mule. Some already say it is not only our rarest decimal coin, but are crowning it as amongst Australia's rarest coins akin to the 1930 Penny. Even if it were to exist in a number of 10,000, it would still rate as one of Australia's rarest coins. The  1930 Penny & 1922 /21 Threepence coins  are classic examples of pre-decimal rarities. This is an Australian Decimal Coin, extremely rare and still out there.....for the lucky few!  



One of Steve's Mules

May 2012: Avid 2000 mule collector Steve contributes his story:

 "Motivation of a Dollar Mule Collector”

It all started when I inherited some old predecimal coins from my grandfather. In fact, t
here was 25kg of them of all denominations. They sat around in my cupboard for 10 years until I worked out what to do with them. Finally after much research I ended up selling them on ebay which took about a year, and gave me funds to invest in something that didn’t take up as much space. I thought coins would be as good as
anything so I started looking around for coins that had price growth potential.
with the standard predecimal rare dates I discovered the 2000 one dollar mule which I thought was expensive but had a big wrap from the few articles that were available.
So I started buying them.
To date I have 10 of them and plan to keep collecting as my
decision to collect these rare coins has been vindicated because I have noticed a 20% price increase on the low grade end of this coin this year alone.With that said I can say with confidence that this coin will no doubt be the treasure in any collection and who knows where the price will go in short and long term ?

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Current Popular Catalogs and Coin Dealers list around - Fine:  $500, VF: $650 - 1000 + , EF : $1750 -4000, aUNC - $4000 - 10,000, and an UNC Mule will see well over 10 GRAND.